Common Thinking Errors Dealing with Change Series: Week 6


Change Week 6 – Grasping to Control the Uncontrollable

Last week’s topic, “Playing the Game By the Old Rules”, and this week’s topic “Grasping to Control the Uncontrollable” pretty much go hand in hand.  Last week, we talked about moving with, instead of against, the changes. This week we will go a step further in recognizing the importance of knowing when to hold ‘em and knowing when to fold ‘em.  Thank you, Kenny Rogers.

All of us have heard the adage “Control the controllable”.   Well, we all know that is easy to say but much harder to do.

As human beings, we can tend to be a controlling bunch.  The “want” to maintain control is a typical human response, especially in change.  We somehow feel that if we are in control nothing bad will happen.

I once had a client who was particularly committed to continuing to do things the way he wanted to do them, no matter that the system around him was changing.

The thing is, this guy reminded me of a dog with a chew toy, holding on for dear life not willing to give up.  He believed that he was maintaining control, but the truth was, he was not going to win the battle. When things are seemingly spinning out of control, we often do all we can to grab at anything to stabilize the situation for ourselves.

The exercise in this becomes asking yourself two things:  1.) What is it I CAN control in the change…and embrace it.  2.) What is OUT of my control in the change…and let it go.

Take time to think about this before we hit you with thinking error # 6 (“Trying to Change the Pace”) next week and grab on to the things you CAN control like…your attitude, your effort, your willingness, your thinking…

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