Common Thinking Errors Dealing with Change Series: Week 7


Controlling the Pace of Change- Week 7

Last week we left you with the challenge of defining what is “in your control” and what is “out of your control”.  This week we are going to give you one to put on the “out of my control” list, if it isn’t already there.  It is #6 on our list of thinking errors — controlling the pace of change.

The speed of the transition “is what it is” and the only impact you have in that is to choose whether or not you will keep up.  As it’s been bluntly stated,  “Catch up is harder than keep up”.

Don’t believe for a minute that you can hide if you are moving at a pace that is different from the rest of the pack.  Remember the Seinfeld episode with Elaine dancing?   If you have seen it you should have a clear visual of what it means to be moving at a different pace.  She is going to town, thinking she is the bomb! Her “pace” is so out of sync with the music.  The gawkers are watching in disbelief or maybe more accurately, horror.  The lesson in this is don’t be the one caught out of sync… the one the gawkers are watching!

One of the biggest fears, when there is organizational change, is the impact on jobs and positions.  If you want to safeguard your position, you need to be rounding the curves and corners in step with the expected pace.

What do the repercussions of not keeping pace look like to you?  Are those your biggest fears?  Should they be?  Think about it and we will talk “fear” next week.

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