Common Thinking Errors Dealing with Change Series: Week 8


Last week we examined how getting “stuck” in the place you have been, rather than trying to keep up with the new pace, will leave you out of sync.  We talked about the “fear” that keeps you in that place.  This leads us directly into faulty thinking error #7, FEAR.  Although, we might not be able to take fear out of the equation altogether…hopefully, we can help put it in perspective.

Often times, in transition and change we are terrified of being eaten by the proverbial bear. We are planning and managing around our “imagined” worst-case scenario. We stay hyper focused on the awful things that we perceive can happen, thus missing possibilities and opportunities.  Just think about the amount of energy expended in that!  This premise is affirmed in one of my favorite quotes by Mark Twain, “I’ve worried about a great many things, some of which actually happened.”

I am reminded about a time we were hired by a client to do coaching for a couple of their employees.  These employees thought we were hired because they were doing something wrong and on the brink of being let go. This could not have been further from the truth. In fact, we were hired to support and expedite their journey to partner.   The “imagined” worst-case scenario caused a great amount of unnecessary unrest and fear.

It will be impossible to take the next steps if you are “rooted” in fears that are not reality and most likely will never become reality.

I implore you to look at the facts as they are.  Be mindful, be still and focus on things that are real.  Let go of the imagined threat.

The two most important components to being agile and adaptable to change/transition are:

1.) Managing your thoughts

2.) Managing your emotions

Here is something to think about before next week when we take a deeper look at “emotions”.  We are very much driven by how we feel, which originates from what we think.  Do you see the cycle perpetuated in this?

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