At Orbitas we assist our clients in developing a culture of people that is: led by strong management teams, is customer-centric and profitability focused. The intention of this evolution for our clients is to increase revenue potential, create more time, and increase execution against objectives.

Training initiatives are directly linked to bottom-line impact as well as individual company needs. Our approach far surpasses “edu-tainment” and delivering stand alone seminars. We partner with an organization to co-create a project that effectively meets their unique goals.

With nearly 15 years experience in the employee development industry, Colleen Affeldt’s expertise includes leadership and management development, strategy and employee effectiveness. With a focus on retention, she uses an outcome driven approach combined with an eye on transforming culture. This gives companies the best opportunity for success through their most important asset, their people – including those given the responsibility to lead them. Colleen lives in Dallas with her two very active sons, Sam, 14 and Isaiah, 16.


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